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Corporate & Cultural Communication

I'm a wordsmith and grammarian who understands multiple audiences. 

Across many roles in my long career, the constant has been language.

As a marketing professional, I use language to shift corporate image.​

As a teacher, I help students find their own voice so they can use it effectively.

As a business owner and industry influencer, I leverage emotive language

to catalyze change and posit new ideas.

As a freelance writer and editor, I craft multi-dimensional stories with coherent language that

reflects my clients' cultures and customers' views.

I enjoy the English language, but as I travel the world, I cherish learning oddities about others as well.

I'm moderately fluent in Spanish and make a conscious effort to immerse myself

in the language and cultures of the places I visit.

What can we create together?

What I Offer


Keep your clients and employees happy, create new products and find ways to make it all go together with my expertise at corporate messaging. When it comes to culture, in the office or abroad, we will find a common tongue.



Leave your content to me. Click on corporate samples here or delve into the Culture,Travel, Humanity Blog below.



How the language of food and travel encapsulates our human architecture.

If the pen is mighty, then we must wield it with good conscience and social responsibility. Most things here are just fun moments in amazing locations, from the back callejones of Guanajuato to a gritty street fair in Chicago. But each is a taste of what we strange creatures add to our shared human culture. This creation intrigues travelers, foodies and caring peoples. Enjoy some simple moments.

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